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Michael Pacheco
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Most companies struggle with unfocused marketing.

You don’t have to.

The Fractional CMO for Digital

Hi, I’m Michael, and I’ve been working in the digital space for over three decades.

What gets me so excited about this industry is the massive affect that the right marketing can unlock for a company, propelling even the smallest players to lead the market.


You see, most companies don’t address these issues:

With a Fractional CMO, those issues become opportunities. Here’s what you could accomplish instead…

I WILL help you attract, convert, and retain more customers.

Michael Pacheco (hi! 👋) is a Fractional CMO and marketing consultant. He has worked for and with global brands like Johnson & Johnson, Intel, and McAfee, as well as ambitious startups around the world in both B2B and B2C models.

I transform marketing departments from complex, resource-draining cost centers into clear, data-driven profit centers. By aligning strategic marketing and executive leadership with your business goals, I help turn confusion and lack of focus into clarity and compelling narratives that resonate with your audience and drive sales.

What It'S Like To Work Together


I'll build trust among stakeholders, ensuring consistent execution of strategies that drive growth and enhance the company's brand reputation.

Positive Culture

I will foster a fun and collaborative team culture that naturally leads to interesting and innovative solutions with successful marketing outcomes.

Marketing Leadership

I will orchestrate the marketing department's strategic vision and execution, turning goals and creative insights into measurable market success.

Case Studies

Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globes


Michael revitalized our SEO and online visibility. His strategies measurably boosted our search rankings and increased traffic to the site.

Access the Marketing Expertise Essential for Your Business Growth

Delegate your marketing outcomes to an expert. Buy back your time and turn your marketing department into a profit center.